Blonde Colour Correction With Toners

The Blonding Issue…

So, the decision to go blond is usually a drastic one! And not a decision that should be taken lightly!

When you are blonding at home, there is something to be said about not having the expert knowledge to hand to make sure that you get the desired result, and let’s face it, we want to do our own hair colour creations at home so we can save money and stay safe!

But...without at least some knowledge of how hair behaves and the potential pitfalls of blonding at home, there is likely to be some element of “experimentation” to get the technique, process, and end colour that’s right for you!

How Hair Behaves!

Your current hair colour is not just one colour, believe it or not!

There are many different tones and shades that make up the natural hair colour you see on your head! And this is something that you need to take into account when blonding at home.

  • Porosity...
  • You also need to be aware of the porosity of your hair, which is how absorbent or indeed resistant the strands of your hair are to due and bleaching. You will find that really permeable hair types will suck up colour like a sponge, whereas more resistant hair types will be a lot harder to get colour into.

  • Condition...
  • How is the condition of your hair?

    This is a super important thing to know! Hair that is in poor condition will take to bleaching and colouring at home in a very different way to strands of healthy hair, so it’s always best to make sure your hair is in the best condition it can be before blonding at home, giving you the best results possible.

    Previous Colouring…

    This is a biggie!

    You would not expect to put a pastel colour on hair that has been previously dyed black and expect to have a flowing turquoise mermaid mane after 30 minutes, would you?

    The same goes with blonding!

    If your hair has been previously dyed, you will have to be uber careful when blonding at home, and this is due to the colours underneath behaving differently when they come into contact with bleach.

    The easiest way to see how your own hair will behave when you decide to go blonde will be a strand test of your own hair because we all know that everyone’s hair is individual, and we cannot always compare our results with the ones displayed on the box kit!

    So, how do you correct a mistake?

    Toners are a wonderful creation for blondes and the minor mistakes that might happen with the end colour result!

    How to Fix…

    Hair That Is Too Yellow

    A purple is the opposite of yellow in the colour wheel, so using a purple toner on hair that is slightly over-yellow will counteract any of the yellow tones and neutralise warmer tones.

    Hair That is Too Orange

    This is a typical result which is due to the red tones that most dark hair colours have, but it can be fixed!

    You will need to look at dark indigo or blue toner to counteract the orange and brassiness in your hair for orange.

    Hair That Is Too Grey/Green Ashy

    When Ash-blonde didn’t quite go to plan, you can choose any toner that has warm tones, such as coral colours or peach, to bring back the warm hues and cancel out the ashy greeny grey!

    Make sure that you have a contingency plan when blonding at home, just in case!

    Make sure you understand how your hair will behave with a strand test (and a patch test too, while you are at it!) to make sure the colour is going to be the best for you!

    And finally, get your hair in top condition before you blonde, to make sure that you get the sassy colour you desire at home!

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