Blonding Techniques To Get A Fabulous Blonde At Home!

What Professional Blonding Techniques Can You Use At Home To Get Your Best Blonde?

So you want to go Blonde?
Of course you do, that’s why you are here reading this!
It's also likely that your desire to have sun-kissed hair is also leaving you a bit confused about how you actually get the desired effect!
Having no knowledge of how to lighten your hair to a level that is brand new to you is nothing to be ashamed of!
Unless you are in the industry yourself, why would you know the professional techniques that are used in salons around the world to create the enviable Blonde barnets you see on celebs and influencers!
Here At Smart Beauty, we are in the business of letting those little tips and tricks out so you can get the best Blonde result for you from the comfort of your own home!
Let's have a look at the trending blonding Techniques and how you can recreate them for yourself!


Balayage is the hottest way to Blonde in 2021, with celebs and stars all sporting the almost natural Blonde look in their hair.
The word "Balayage" actually refers to the technique that is used to create different dimensions with Blonde in the hair, leaving it looking textured, multi-faceted with an almost ombre finish.
Balayage can be done by "free painting" the hair in different sections to create a multidimensional look to the hair and a new brighter and blonder finish.
Starting away from the roots, the blonding formula is painted on the hair to create a naturally graduated effect, so the sides and ends will be lighter than the midsections and roots.


Using foils to segment the hair being treated away from the rest of the hair is a technique that has been around for such a long time!
It is a technique that is used to create clear and defined Blonde strands or sections of hair that, when styled, will be picked up as highlights.
Foiling the hair for blonding can be a bit fiddly if you are solo, and having the right equipment to hand can also lead you to spend a little more, but if clear and defined sections of Blonde is something you are looking for, foiling may be the way forward for you!
When you foil, it’s generally best to practice a bit first to get into the swing of it! Or, enlist a friend to come and help!
By picking up the hair you need to highlight and placing it on a foil, you will have full control over each and every strand, making it super easy to know where your colour is going.
Foiling leaves behind very deliberate highlights so this technique can be used if you are looking for a subtle Blonde lift around the face, or a full head of highlights to give a Blonde WOW to your hair.

Fashion Blonding

Hair moves with the trends as much as fashion, and there is always something new to know about blonding Techniques.

Gone are the days where you just (strategically!) Popped the formula all over and watched the clock!
Now, home hair blonding has improved so we need to up our Technique game and get sassy too!
Here are some top fashion blonding Techniques you may like to try:
  • The Face Frame
  • Zig Zag Parting
  • Babylights
  • Angular Chunky Segments
  • Blonde Tips
  • Half and Half
  • Ribbons
All of these ways, and more, can give you subtle differences in your finished results.
With blonding, less really is more, you have more control with a Technique, even the fiddly ones!
Unless you are going for an all-out bold blonde, then doing a bit of research on the best way for you will be the best 5 minutes you ever spend before creating a whole new look!

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