Can You Bleach Damage-Free At Home??

Is It Possible To Bleach Your Hair At Home With Great Results And No-Damage To Your Hair?

The Major Historic Issue With Bleaching Your Hair….

Yes, you guessed it...DAMAGE!
In the years gone by, if you desired an excellent bleaching result for your hair (and it’s usually the darkest of hair that craves the bleach blonde look!), you would need to visit a hairdresser... sometimes more than once, for a long and laborious visit for gentle and gradual colour lifting.
Why was this the case?
Well, in a majority of instances, it is to prevent the damage that bleaching your hair can do. Running along the lines of the less time the bleaching agents stayed on the hair, the less damage it could do, and the more time in-between visits there are to strengthen and condition the structure of the hair.
The last thing you ever want to have is beautiful blonde hair that is in the poorest condition, as this is just like opening your favourite wine and pouring it straight down the sink!
A pointless task!
So When Home Bleaching Became Popular….
People had an absolute field day!
But not without some severe disasters along the way!!
The lack of education that surrounded bleaching your hair at home was high, and the hair-scares were common, with reports of people leaving the bleach on too long in the hope of a blonder result (which is never recommended!) to burns from the peroxide solutions...and everything else in between!
Things have improved over the years with education and improvements to formulas, but bleaching your hair still remains the most effortless hair colour change to get horrendously wrong, leaving your poor hair in a much worse condition than at the start of the process……
Until Now…..
Are You Saying I Can Now Bleach At Home With No Damage?
You bet we are!
Blonding can be a labour of love, but once you are there, you get the satisfaction of a job well done!!
One element hair salons always had the upper hand on was the innovative ingredients that make salon colouring way more successful than home colouring. In recent years, that ingredient was called “Plex.”
Plex has been described as ‘the single most important development in hair colour,’ which cannot be dismissed!
Plex has the ability to protect and condition the structure of the hair during the lightening process. Unlike other conditioners, which only temporarily improve the condition, Plex actually rebuilds your hair’s micro-bond fibre structure, making it healthier, stronger, and blonder, all at the same time!
Why Choose Plex In Your Next Home Blonding Kit?
Well, the evidence will become clear once you have chosen it!
If Plex is an ingredient that hairdressers use without hesitation for its repairing properties during an ordinarily difficult colouring process, having the same protection and repairing qualities in a home bleaching kit will always be worth saving the condition of your hair for!
The added addition of “Smart Plex Anti-Breakage” to the lightening formulation to protect and strengthen your hair during and after colouring will give you the peace of mind that the integrity of your hair’s structure will stay intact!
So, in answer to the question of “Can You Bleach Damage-Free At Home??” we would say a huge YES! You absolutely can!
Using the latest salon-quality hair colouring technology, Plex is now easily accessible and affordable for home use.

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