Revive your hair colour in 3 minutes after the summer holidays

Summer is amazing and so are your picnics in the parks and holidays abroad. But there is a slight catch - the sun makes your colour fade faster and takes away its natural gloss. Blonde becomes orange, brown hair turns grey and a bright red hue disappears in days. Luckily, there’s a cure for all that “summertime fadeness”: hair colour boosts and refreshers - simple solutions to revive your hair colour at home in literally minutes!

How to fix brassy hair

Blonde is one of the most difficult colours to maintain, especially in summer. Are you struggling with the cheap-looking brassy hair after being on the sun for a while? Look into the anti-yellow conditioners, masks or refreshers. Apply Platinum Blonde Express Colour to your natural or colour-treated blonde hair, and in just 3 minutes it will reduce brassy tones and bring back your cool blonde tone.

Another common problem among blondes is green swimmers hair and just generally dull and lifeless hair. Try Honey Blonde Express Colour to add warm tones, condition your locks and add shine and vibrancy. Express Colours are free from ammonia, parabens and PPD and last for 4-5 washes, so they are safe all around and can be used often.

Read this article if you want to know more about the difference between hair colour refreshers and hair dye.

How to boost vibrant purple hair

Rainbow hues fade away due to sun exposure, heat styling and frequent shampooing. During the summer purple would lose its vividness especially fast, but there’s a way to keep your purple hair colour ultra-bright and shiny all year long - a Purple Hair Colour Boost Refresher. Unlike express colour, the refresher can only be used on the coloured hair but results will last for up to 21 days and it will give you 4 to 10 applications. Hair colour boost is free from harsh chemicals so even pregnant women can use it safely.

How to refresh faded red hair colour

Red is such a gorgeous colour but long sun exposure can kill it pretty fast by damaging the pigment and making your hair dull and boring. Apart from the sun, there are other risk factors for your red hair, such as styling tools, swimming pool chlorine, hot shower water and over-shampooing. To revive your faded red hair colour, try Rich Red Express Colour, a temporary solution made with the hypoallergenic formulation. The express colour will last for up to 5 shampoos, but the more times you use it, the better the coverage will be. To keep your red bright even longer, try Vibrant Red Colour Boost - the award-winning refresher for chemically-treated hair.

How to enhance brown hair

To extend the life of your brown hair colour in summer, hydrate your hair with masks, air humidifiers and drink plenty of water. If you're not wearing a hat all the time, the sun can still affect your brown hair colour by lightening it or bringing the unwanted orange hues. To enhance and revive your brown hair try Rich Brunette Boost Refresher if your hair has been treated with a permanent or semi-permanent dye. Natural brunettes can use Warm Brown Express Colour instead and enjoy their refreshed brown hair colour for up to 5 washes.

Browse All Hair Colour Refreshers to find the right shade and revive your faded hair colour.

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