How to Colour Your Hair

  • How to look younger by simply changing your hair colour

    We are spending thousands on anti-ageing skin products to look younger but forget about the hair routine. The unhealthy-looking hair, wrong colour and unflattering haircut may be reasons why we look older than our age. Read on to find out how to what colour to choose and what to avoid. 
  • How to restore your hair after the hot summer

    Summertime is a beautiful and fun season for us, but perhaps not so much for our hair. By the end of the summer, we are left with split ends, tangles and destroyed hair colour. All that due to UV light, humidity and chlorinated water which are the enemies of good-looking and healthy hair.
  • How to refresh faded hair colour without using dye

    It’s been just a few weeks since you dyed your hair, but today the colour looks not as bright and shiny. We feel your pain! After a while blonde shades become yellow, brunettes turn greyish and reds simply fade, but dyeing too often may damage your hair and burn a hole in your pocket… Smart Beauty offers a safe, inexpensive and easy-to-apply Hair Colour Refreshers to use in-between salon appointments. 
  • How to choose and get coloured highlights at home

    Vivid and pastel highlights in hair is a perfect way to refresh your look without going too crazy. Stay with your natural colour and add some funky colourful hints. From carmine pink highlights on blondes to purple highlights on black hair - it's all totally doable at home with our hair highlighting kit. Quick, easy and safe! 
  • How to lighten your hair safely

    Does bleaching cause hair loss? While some stylists consider it as the salon-only process, we think you can lighten your hair successfully by following the instructions and our advice. Here we go!
  • How to dye your hair bright red or copper red.

    What you need to know Why does red hair colour fade quickly? The red hair molecule is the largest of the dye molecules, next to blue If your hair is naturally in good condition or you use loads of serums, conditioners and styling products, then you will be surprised to know this does not help the cause. Dye molecules need to grip the hair.
  • How to Bleach Bath - safely remove colour from your hair

    If you want to remove the colour from your hair without waiting for it to fade or grow out naturally, a bleach bath will do the trick.At Smart Beauty we are not just passionate about hair colour - we also want to give you the best advice too. This helps keep your hair in the best condition and, as bleach isn’t a gentle chemical, it's vital you are very careful with this process.
  • Vibrant Intense Red Highlights

    Say a sad farewell to one of our favourite products- Intense Red Highlights. Unfortunately, because of recent changes to the EU Cosmetic Directive, we have been forced to discontinue this fantastic product.
  • How to: Get The Best Pastel Hair Colour

    How to get pastel hair colour - These fashionable hair dyes will turn pre-lightened hair into a choice of bright pastel coloursHow to get Pastel Hair Colour - Smart Pastels was highly commended in the prestigious Pure Beauty Awards, ‘best hair colour’ category 2013. 
  • How To: Hair Strand Test - When Using Hair Lightener/Bleach

    To test the shade result and check the development time of the Smart Blonde or Bleach it • You must carry out a strand test prior to lighte...