Celebrity Hair News

  • Olivia Colman's Drastic Hair Colour Change For Oscars 2020

    Just hours before the Academy Awards, the British actress asked her colourist to change her hair colour drastically. She ditched her signature mahogany brown hair colour for the fashion’s chicest shade of blonde – metallic silver. See how to get Olivia's silver blonde hair colour at home.
  • Rachel Bilson’s Golden Highlights Made For The Prettiest Red Carpet Debut

    Where A-list couples are concerned, Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader were the talk of the 2020 Golden Globes red carpet. The pair made their public debut last night, and Bilson was seemingly aglow — right down to her Brock Collection black-and-gold lace gown, soft rosy makeup and brand-new golden highlights.
  • Wow! Emma Thompson sets Christmas hair trend

    Dame Emma Thompson is an Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter, comedian, and activist, but now she can add up another role to her bio - hair trendsetter. Last week Ms Thompson shocked everyone at the Covent Garden Christmas party reveal with her new hair colour.
  • 90s chunky highlights are back thanks to Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian

    The 90’s chunky highlights are making a comeback thanks to Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian. Famous hairstylists are embracing this nostalgic hair and transforming it into the new look. See the most stylish chunky highlights and try this retro colouring technique yourself.
  • Pop-culture inspired hair and costumes for Halloween 2019

    There’s one day of the year during which you can look as crazy as you want, and it’s Halloween for sure. From Euphoria-inspired costumes to Billie Eilish crazy hair colour, find the Halloween 2019 looks inspired by your favourite pop-culture characters and create them at home.
  • No bleach hair colour ideas for brunettes

    There aren't many options for ladies with brown hair that don't require lightening. Luckily, Fall 2020 brought 3 pretty bleach-free hair colours for brunettes to try right now!
  • The biggest temporary hair trends spotted on the summer festivals

    Need inspiration for your festival look? Read this article (and see loads of visual examples) to find the coolest temporary hair colour ideas, cheap for your pocket and safe for your hair. Billie Eilish green hair? Easy! 
  • 5 Unusual Red Hair Dyes To Try in 2019

    Red hair colour is back to fashion! Want proof? A singer and a fashion icon Rihanna has coloured her hair velvet red for the BET awards last week, and everybody loves it! Friends and fans bombarded Rihanna with fun comments on Instagram: “The name of this hair colour is ‘Rihed’”, “I don’t think I’m ever getting over this color”, “Ginger Rih is my faaaav!”. Scroll down to see Rihanna's new hair colour!
  • Met gala 2019 candy-coloured hair trend

    The 2019 Met Gala pink carpet was generous on vibrant and fun hair colours! Lucy Boynton’s adorable baby blue hair, Kylie Jenner’s bright violet wig, Kristen Stewart chunky red highlights and many more celebrity looks have been truly creative this year. See best hair looks!
  • We just launched 8 new permanent hair colours to try in 2019

    Want to try a new hair colour but not sure which one? Here are the 8 NEW shades that have been developed to reflect hair colour trends 2019. Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans!